Maidaan Movie Release Date 2023, Trailer, Story, Star Cast, how to Watch Maidaan Movie?

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Maidaan Movie Release Date Smiley Face, “Maidaan” is going to be a great movie! Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Rudranil Ghosh, and Gajraj Rao, who are all really excellent performers, star in it, while Boney Kapoor produce it. The focus of the film is great Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim, who served as an inspiration to the team. Woohoo! The movie depicts Rahim’s tireless efforts and commitment to helping the Indian team achieve international prominence during the golden age of Indian football, which lasted from 1952 to 1962. When “Maidaan” debuts in Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam on 7th or 8th of September, the movie is certain to be a smash because of its outstanding cast and motivational plot. I can’t wait to see it, grin.

A historical sports movie titled “Maidaan Movie” would tell the life story of Syed Abdul Rahim, who oversaw and led the Indian national football team from 1950 until 1963. The film, directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma and starring Ajay Devgn as Rahim, tries to show Rahim’s difficulties in assembling a productive team during a period of enormous social, political, and cultural upheavals. Critics and business professionals have praised the film for its authenticity and attention to detail. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” pays homage to the much-ignored footballing hero of India and exemplifies the virtues of tenacity and grit in the face of difficulty. Many spectators are anticipated to be deeply affected emotionally by the movie.


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Maidaan Movie Release Date

The film “Maidaan” is about Syed Abdul Rahim, a well-known football coach in India. The 1950s and 1960s, when Indian football was extremely popular, are when the movie is set. For 13 years, Rahim led the Indian squad as a coach, influencing the development of contemporary Indian football. Rahim is portrayed in the film by the actor Ajay Devgn, and he is supported by Rudranil Ghosh, Gajraj Rao, and Priyamani.

A sports biography titled “Maidaan Movie” is one that many viewers and supporters are eagerly anticipating. It will be in Hindi and chronicle the tale of renowned football coach Syed Abdul Rahim. Maidaan Movie Release Date The movie, which stars Ajay Devgn, is made by Amit Sharma and Boney Kapoor. Priyamani, Rudranil Ghosh, and Gajraj Rao play significant parts in the movie as well.

The film, which is anticipated to be thrilling and entertaining, is set during the height of Indian football. It demonstrates the difficulties Rahim encountered while leading the Indian national football team for 13 years, as well as how he modernised Indian sport.
On the 7th or 8th of September, the film is scheduled for release, and Bollywood and sports lovers alike can’t wait to see it. “Maidaan Movie” is a must-watch for anybody interested in the history of Indian sports since it has a fantastic cast, an engaging tale, and careful attention to detail.

Maidaan Movie Release Date

Maidaan Movie Details

movie nameMaidaan
cinematographyRay, Tushar Kanti
Boney Kapoor, Arunava, Akash Chawla Sengupta, JoySaiwyn Quadros
musicAR Rahaman
production Projects Bayview and Zed Studios
categorybox office
ott platformsTBA
boc officeTBA
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Indian football in the 1800s

Since the British brought football to India in the 1800s, it has been played there. Football teams started to establish in the early 1900s as they gained popularity, especially in areas like Bengal and the northeast. Legendary coach Syed Abdul Rahim was instrumental in modernising Indian football and enhancing the national team’s results in international events in the 1950s and 1960s. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” With two important professional leagues, the ISL and I-League, and the national team turning up notable performances, football is still a cherished sport in India today.

madaan movie 2023 budget

The Maidaan movie is anticipated to cost approximately Rs 100 crore, according to news reports. According to the primary actor, Ajay Devgn, this is one of his greatest pieces. Maidaan Movie Release Date There is a lot of anticipation for the impending blockbuster, Maidaan, following the success of Drishyam 2.

Maidaan Movie 2023 star cast

The stellar ensemble of the forthcoming film Maidaan includes performers from both Tollywood and Bollywood. Famous Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim is portrayed by Ajay Devgn, while his wife is played by Keerthy Suresh. Rudranil Ghosh, Gajraj Rao, and Priyamani make up the supporting cast. The sports drama directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma depicts the tale of a forgotten hero and his influence on Indian football. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” Maidaan is a must-watch movie because of its excellent cast and captivating narrative.

  • Syed Abdul Rahim, played by Ajay Devgan
  • Aryann Bhowmik Gajraj Rao plays Syed Abdul Rahim’s daughter, while Priyamani portrays Syed Abdul Rahim’s wife.
  • Ghosh, Rudranil
  • Richard Mondal
  • Joshi, Rishabh
  • Francisco Torres Kuri, etc.

Maidaan Movie trailer review

watch the teaser/trailer

‘Maidaan’s’ brand-new teaser is a must-watch that looks thrilling and action-packed. The Indian football team’s coach, Syed Abdul Rahim, is played by Ajay Devgn, and he expertly captures the team’s enthusiasm and will to succeed. The historic event when India’s football squad got chosen for the Olympics for the second time in five years after Independence is discussed in the teaser. The squad is seen working out in the teaser, but the matches are barely mentioned. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” The remark delivered by Ajay Devgn at the end of the teaser is really nationalistic and powerful. With superb photography and backing music, the teaser effectively conveys the intensity and emotion of the sport. On 7th or 8th of September, the film will be released. Priyamani and Gajraj Rao will both play important parts.
The audience is in for a spectacular adventure.

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when was coming Maidaan Movie OTT Platform

The release of “Maidaan,” a highly anticipated Bollywood movie, was delayed from its scheduled 2020 date because of the epidemic. The new release date was originally slated for 7th or 8th of September but was again postponed due to a different movie. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” The sports drama is anticipated to be just as popular as “Drishyam 2,” Ajay Devgn’s most recent film. The streaming rights have reportedly been purchased by Amazon Prime Video, albeit the production company has not verified this. The release of this long-anticipated film is highly anticipated by the public.

The movie “Maidaan” will be released in theaters on 7th or 8th of September Amazon Prime Video has bought the digital rights, but the release date for the online platform is not yet known. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” Zed Studios has obtained the satellite rights, and the date for the satellite release is yet to be decided.
The release date for

theatres: June 17, 2023

Amazon Prime Video: Digital Rights

Date of OTT Release: TBA

Rights to Satellite: Zed Studios

Date of Satellite Release: TBD

maidaan release date postponed

7th or 8th of September

maidaan budget

100 crore approx

maidaan hit or flop

maidaan is superhit film

Which is Ajay Devgan’s most hit movie?

Total Box Office Collection till 2022
Rs 3368.25 Crores
Ajay Devgn Highest Opening Day
Rs 32.09 Crores ( Singham Returns)
Ajay Devgn Highest Opening Weekend
Rs 87.6 Crores ( Golmaal Again)
Ajay Devgn Highest Grossing Movie
Rs 279.55 Crores ( Tanhaji)

Maidaan remake of which movie

Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tamil film ‘Kaithi’

How Can I Watch Maidaan Movie?

On June 17, 2023, the film “Maidaan” will be released, and you may view it by visiting a theatre. But first, make sure the movie is playing in the nearby theatre. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” Amazon Prime Video has acquired the internet rights to “Maidaan,” although the release date for streaming is unknown. You might be able to view the movie later on TV because Zed Studios has obtained the right to air it on satellite TV.


The Bollywood film “Maidaan” is becoming popular among moviegoers all around the world. Ajay Devgn plays the lead in the Amit Ravindernath Sharma-directed film. The story revolves around Syed Abdul Rahim, an Indian football coach, and his attempts to elevate the Indian national team to fame in the 1950s and 1960s. “Maidaan Movie Release Date” The film is anticipated to be a compelling and uplifting account of tenacity, teamwork, and talent that results in something truly spectacular. “Maidaan” is one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year and a must-see for everyone looking for a cinematic experience that both entertains and inspires thanks to its outstanding performances, gorgeous photography, and unique music.


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